Global Pictures

by Didbo

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''Global Pictures'' is an elegant digipack-booklet with seven novel tracks driven by subtle chords progressions, powerful freestyle drumming, delicate choirs in sophisticated compositions... Sounds like Air, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, Massive Attack, King Crimson, Anathema, Thomas Dolby...


released 01 January 2012

All tracks composed and performed by Didbo featuring the terrific Ronny Heimdal on lead guitar. Fascinating photos and artwork by Jean Mathiaut.
Mastering made by the great sound engineer Pierre Jacquot.



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Didbo Dijon

Didbo is self-taught and plays guitar in open-tuning. After composing for theater and contemporary dance, Didbo composed in 2007 an attaching album : "The Planet of Famous Apples". 2012 : here is the new fascinating album ''Global Pictures'' featuring the fantastic guitarist Ronny Heimdal and the great digipack art work by Jean Mathiaut. ... more

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Track Name: Rock, Snow & Ice
You finally reached the top of the world
But you only find rock, snow and ice
And the view so wild
Makes a fool of your size
And the air so thin
Devouring your breath
And the light so blinding
Turning white to black...

Colder... Steeper... Darker... Open your eyes...
Higher... Looking for any rise...
Closer... Warmer... Deeper... Open your mind...
Calmer... Feeling stronger inside...

Colder... Steeper... Darker... Open your eyes...
Higher... Looking for paradise...
Closer... Warmer... Deeper... Open your mind...
Calmer... Finding your inner light...

On the top of the world, only cold vibrations
Just gravity for all....
Track Name: Global Pictures
Suddenly I realize I'm going with the stream
And the people all around me do the same
And I really try to understand, to understand

Suffering this maddening race, how to find your place
Between beauty and disgrace
Waiting for a future free of stress, free of stress

Let's release the tension between you and me
Cause the earth is really small
So please stop shattering all the links we proudly weave,
we proudly weave

Suddenly I realize I'm sinking with my dreams
But I feel so real, and the space
Reminds me I live here, I live here

Let's forget reaching mars when we misuse earth
When so many missions wait for us
And please stop destroying all the things we proudly built
we proudly built

Finally some global pictures looming in the sun
And the earth looking so spherical, light bubble
So easy to overrun, to overrun
Track Name: Tension
Conversations between astronauts and earth extracted from
Apollo missions & edited by Didbo : Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11),
Charles Duke (Apollo 16), Pete Conrad (Apollo 12)
Track Name: Blue Light Lost in the Sea
Traveller in space, silent speed, silver flame
In my small cage, so still
No fears, feeling like the king of space
Waiting for a radio message
Are you there, are you there
No sign, no signal from the universe

I recall a bright place, blue light lost in the sea
Strange, so strange, no life here, not a sound
Cold space, invaded by satellites
I feel alone, so far from the stars
Floating so close to my blue home

Hello earth, you're still here, blue light lost in the sea
And I steer my cage, gliding out of night
Under the sun, here's my world, shining away
Back home, I'm back home, back home
Blue light lost in the sea
Track Name: Gravity
Far away, our sun burns
Bringing life, to earth
By drops of light, light of years
Embracing you, day after day

Night and day, the earth runs
Revolving, around
Feet on the ground, I see my mind
Wandering through, the milky way